HEART Foundation

Founded by Dr. Jayakar Ellis, HEART Foundation is a not for profit social enterprise, based in Navi Mumbai and also has been awarded the 80G certificate for Income Tax Exemptions.


To promote social, health, educational and cultural awareness amongst the women, children & youth of all classes and communities.

Goal and Mission

To celebrate the free gift of life given by God with others.

Founded in July 2013, HEART, which is an acronym for Helping to Educate Associate Rehabilitate & Teach, first started working in the area of drug addiction and sexual abuse among children and teenagers in schools and colleges. (We are including links of some of the coverage that our projects have received in the various publications, national and local).

Help: Not many have the resources to meet the potential they have. To Help them is to Help their families, Help the community, Help the City and Help the Nation. To reach out with an unselfish motive is the first but important step in our Vision.

Educate: Knowledge is power. There is no denying the fact that the greatest favor our community needs is to up the literacy rate. Education will be on the forefront of every strategy we undertake for our society.

Associate: Joining hands with other individuals and organizations is a way to move forward. Unity is strength. We are looking forward to Associate with as many entities that operate in different ways for a common good.

Rehabilitate: Going further there is support needed for individuals where we plan to rehabilitate people who need help.Teach: To mentor, counsel and transform people to live the purpose for which they are on this earth is the end product we want to achieve with Heart Foundation.

About Us

As an NGO, Heart Foundation has partnered with various government and MNCs in the past like the PARTNERS – Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Panvel City Municipal Corporation, ADHSNVBDCP, Public Health Dept., Government of Maharashtra & Maharashtra Police Navi Mumbai  and Traffic Police, etc and worked with many schools and colleges for many years under our social concern projects. To mention few,

  • We organized the 1st Inter School Competition wherein over 3000 students from 33 schools participated in 9 events in August 2000
  • NMSA NMMC Athletic meet in September 2000. 498 students and 22 schools participated.
  • Organized various musical, cultural, social and sport events which are reviewed and enlisted on several newspapers with enormous appreciation. (Press Coverage)


  • To provide opportunity to women, children & youth for education and creativity.
  • To provide them with experience and activities not otherwise available to them.
  • To offer certain educational services to the local schools in order to enrich their curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • To provide leadership and guidance to teaching towards fostering a creative approach in teaching.
  • To provide counseling for women, children, youth, parents and wherever necessary in the society.
  • To promote social, health, educational and cultural camps amongst the women, children & youth of all classes and communities.
  • To establish and support facilities for sport, recreation, leisure – time activities, excursions , creative and performing arts , cultural and socially inclusive activities.
  • To support legal literacy including legal counseling, legal aid and analysis and evaluation of existing laws.


Young India Radio – Young India Radio is an initiative to provide platform to Children and the Yourths and is being broadcasted from Ulwe, Navi Mumbai

Special Children

  • Children & Youth


    Senior Citizens

    Zero Hunger




    • BEATS (Bringing Entertainment And Team Spirit)
    • HEART TV
    • Heart Radio


    • Through PACT ( Against drug and sexual abuse )

     Soccer Tournaments

    Peace Tournaments

    Seminars in Schools and Colleges

    Musical Programs (JOSH & BELLS)

    Opening of counseling cells in different Police Stations

    Police Raising Day ( 2nd Jan – 8th Jan )


    Musical Events and Drama

    Street Plays

    • Through STREE 

    Women from pavements were placed into NG0s for their betterment


    • Through  FIT –  We have reached thousands  of students through seminars and plan to touch a lac more
    • Through SEED

    Exhibition of plants , fruits and vegetables

    (Expo for 15 thousand to 25 thousand children)

    PARTNERS – NMMC & Maharashtra Police Navi Mumbai

    • Through RARE  ( Against Child Labor )

    Collaboration with Navi Mumbai Police

    • Through  DISHA

    Enriching Life Through Laughter ( Johny Lever )

     Regular Road Safety Programs in schools

    • Through Heart Bites

    MAD  ( Meals  A Day )  – Opening up of canteens to raise funds to cater poor children 

    • Through SUPPORT CAREGIVERS – Having weekly relaxation time for Caregivers

    Future Projects

    CAP (Children Are Precious) a pilot project for health awareness and is designed to impart practical knowledge through health safety materials on general hygiene, nutrition, disease prevention, drug, alcohol, sexual abuse prevention and dental hygiene.

    Alert Today– Safe Tomorrow (ATST) is another pilot project for Cyber Safety wherein children would gain an understanding of the importance of the same.

    Heart TV & Radio is another two major challenges taken by Heart Foundation where live streaming of various genres will be broadcasted online. It will involve content production, editing and filtering that will involve several resources in terms of manpower and hardware.

    FACT (First Aid on Counseling to Teachers) – The organisation is planning to conduct awareness programme for teachers on recognising and dealing with child sexual abuse. This programme will reach out teachers in the primary section. The programme will enlighten them about “What is child Sexual abuse; What are the symptoms of child Sexual abuse and guidance to handle revelation. This would be followed by sessions with parents about child sexual abuse if required.

    To donate, please transfer through bank account given below or scan the code

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