MADD – Meals A Day for Dogs

The MADD (Meals A Day for Dogs) Project:- You can help touch voiceless lives!

Heart Foundation MADD Meals A Day For Dogs
With the pandemic hitting the already starving animals, especially the dogs, Heart Foundation member took the task of feeding 8 dogs in their area and which today has increased to 100+ dogs currently.
We not only feed them but also close the loop through vaccination, sterilization and adoption. 
Seeing this dedication, Heart Foundation decides to reach atleast 1000 more strays by the year end for atleast one meal a day with your support of just Rs. 50/- per day.
Right now per Dog the cost is Rs 50 per Day. So for 100 Dogs per year we need Rs.18,25,000. You can come forward by donating Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly.  
Check the true stories of voiceless lives we’ve touched till date.
When you contribute towards this noble cause you get the 80G benefit and tax exemptions as per IT Act 1961.
To contribute please transfer through bank account given below or scan the code

ac Name- Heart Foundation
A/c – SB Account
A/c 021694600001277
Bank- Yes Bank
Branch- CBD Belapur

Couple of Heart Touching Stories 

Story 1


This was our first rescue where this little girl was tortured, beaten, made fun of in the our housing society….She was starving and terrified even at the sight of human beings.

It became imperative to rescue her as being an indie it was a little tough for her to get adopted as a result of which after series of treatment’s and behaviour training I adopted her, and now she is my Family.


Story 2


Bhura our 2nd Rescue


This Street dog was taken to vet today by me given preliminary treatment.

The dog is friendly and calm .

His ear is burnt and had maggots , Doctor said to keep him in shelter where someone can take care of him and put medicine twice a day to heal the wound.

Bhura was diagnosed with series of complications and had to undergo different treatments and surgery to improve his new medical conditions diagnosed

Upon xray as suggested by the doc it was found that due to hunger he had swallowed a bag full of cement granules that was found in his stomach. Though one doctor said surgery was the only way and cost 20000 which was a huge amount for me , I took a second opinion.

Finally after series of anema Dr Mandar was able to cure his condition and get him so much better.

However while we were happy and things seemed to be absolutely fine, his testicles had started growing unusually big when the doctor realised he needs to go for another surgery to take care of that.

Finally we got his surgery done too though this was a very painful process for Bhura , he was very co-operative and calm throughout this whole procedure that took us around 2 months time with daily vet visits ,his treatments and taking care of his health and hygiene as he was boarded at my home.

Bhura is a sweetheart and understood that we were trying our best to get him back to normal and a good boy who cooperated at every step.

Finally after 2-3 months Bhura was absolutely fine and released back in his territory.

We are grateful to beautiful people out there across the world who donated for Bhura’s medical expenses that was close to Rs. 20000  in total including his treatments, medicines , saline’s, travel, special food etc.


Few of the Glimpse of our Family Members