PACT (Prevention of Abuse in Children & Teens) Project against Drug and sexual abuse Under its PACT (Prevention of Abuse in Children & Teens) programme, with the help of the Navi Mumbai Police, Mumbai Police, the BMC, Education department etc. has so far catered to over a lakh student with any sort of habits and abuse and also has an aim to reach out to more and more as the days go by.

We were able to conduct 2 million steps to Hope wherein we had 3 runners John Moriarty (America), Chris Joseph Smith (Australia) and Mr. Tharun Kumar (India) who covered 1600 kms in 36 days and passed through states of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Tamilnadu. The aim was to create awareness to ‘a level of discipline’ against child abuse, labour & human trafficking and create resources to sustain long-term rehabilitation of children.

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Some of the events organised

■      Organized the 1st Inter School Competition wherein over 3000 students from 33 schools participated in 9 events in August 2000.

■      NMSA NMMC Athletic meet in September 2000. 498 students and 22 schools participated.

■      Organized various musical, cultural, social and sport events which are reviewed and enlisted on several newspapers with enormous appreciation.

·        Soccer Tournaments

·        Musical Programs (JOSH & BELL)


2 Million Steps To Hope