MADD Project (Meals A Day for Dogs) : One meal a day with your support of just Rs. 50/- per day

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Meals A Day for Dogs - You can help touch voiceless lives with just Rs. 50/- per day. For one meal a day


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Taking Care of Street Dogs:

At the Heart Foundation, we believe in compassion for all living beings. Through our MADD (Meals A Day for Dogs) Project and Heart 4 Voiceless initiative, we are dedicated to improving the lives of street dogs.

MADD Project: Meals A Day for Dogs For just 50 Rupees a day, you can ensure that a street dog receives nutritious meals, helping them to stay healthy and strong. Our volunteers work tirelessly to provide daily food and essential medical care to these vulnerable animals.

Heart 4 Voiceless This initiative aims to advocate for the rights and welfare of street dogs. We strive to give a voice to the voiceless, raising awareness about the challenges street dogs face and encouraging the community to get involved.

How You Can Help

  • Place Water Bowls: Provide fresh water for street dogs to keep them hydrated, especially during hot days.
  • Donate: Your contributions help us supply food and medical care.
  • Volunteer: Join our team in feeding, caring for, and advocating for street dogs.
  • Adopt: Give a street dog a loving home and a second chance at life.