MADD Project (Meals A Day for Dogs) : One meal a day with your support of just Rs. 50/- per day

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Prevention of Abuse in Children & Teens Project has Touched over a lakh of students


Saving Earth from Environmental Damage Project has Drawn over a lakh of students


Free India from Tobacco (FIT) – is a project against Tobacco addicts run in schools


Meals A Day for Dogs - You can help touch voiceless lives with just Rs. 50/- per day. For one meal a day


Smash Tradition, Rehabilitate, Educate & Empower - Newsportal focused on Women

We Can’t Help Everyone, But Everyone Can Help Someone.

HEART, which is an acronym for Helping to Educate Associate Rehabilitate & Teach, believes in touching in tender lives one at a time. The Heart Foundation believes that the society can only progress when the people come together, cooperate and co-exist. This thought is what has driven Dr. Jayakar Ellis to work with the poor and needy for the past 20 years and has made an impact on their lives as well.


Dr. Ellis has been closely involved with the Local Government Agencies to help the victims of child abuse, sexual abuse and drug abuse.


Heart Foundation is working on the MAD campaign that would help destitute children have a full meal a day. With this project people can sponsor upto three meals a day for individuals or families who cannot afford the food especially during this pandemic.


After all, education can only be effective only when there’s no worry for where the next meal would come from.